First Generation Leaders

At the time of his death in 1947 Rufus Stimson, retired state supervisor of agricultural education in Massachusetts was compiling a list of the early pioneers and individuals who had influenced the development of agricultural education broadly defined. This listing was to be published in a book titled “Agricultural Career Education Readings.” The book was never published. Gary Moore spent years tracking down the unpublished manuscript. These individuals are the ones who were to be featured in the book.

To learn the details of how this list of the first generation leaders in agricultural education came to be, please read this background paper. It literally took decades to track down the lost Stimson Manuscript that contained this information. The paper describes that effort.

I have digitized the biographies that were recovered (there are 180 such documents).  Enjoy, You can search on a variety of words.

IndividualNominating State Position
Chestnutt, Samuel LeeAlabamaTeacher Educator
Washington, BookerAlabamaInstitution President
Moton, RobertAlabamaInstitution President
Carver, George WAlabamaAgricultural Scientist
Pierce, JohnAlabamaExtension Pioneer
Holloway, KeithArkansasTeacher Educator
Smith, FredArkansasState Supervisor
Cline, R. W.ArizonaTeacher Educator
Cullison, RalphArizonaState Supervisor
Hilton, ArthurAustraliaIntroduced agricultural education to Australia
Crocheron, B. H.CaliforniaExtension Director
Cubberly, ElwoodCaliforniaEducational Historian
Hollenberg, AlvinCaliforniaAg Mechanics Specialist
McMahon, ByronCaliforniaState Supervisor
Sutherland, SidCaliforniaTeacher Educator
Schmidt, G. A.ColororadoTeacher Educator
Gentry, CharlesConnecticutTeacher Educator
Gold, TheodoreConnecticutFounder of UCONN
Heim, RaymondDelawareState Supervisor
Mowlds, WilliamDelawareState Supervisor
Garris, E. W.FloridaTeacher Educator
Aderhold, O. C.GeorgiaUniversity President
Berry, MarthaGeorgiaSchool Founder
Chapman, PaulGeorgiaAgriculture Dean
George, WalterGeorgiaU. S. Senator
Mobley, M. D.GeorgiaTeacher Educator
Sheffer, LafayetteGeorgiaState Supervisor
Wheeler, JohnGeorgiaTeacher Educator
Kerr WilliamIdahoState Supervisor
Lattig HerbertIdahoTeacher Educator
Davenport EugeneIllinoisAg College Dean
Guin RussellIllinoisBook Publisher
Hamlin H MIllinoisTeacher Educator
Hill JamesIllinoisState Supervisor
Holden PerryIllinoisCorn Club Leader
Nolan, A. W.IllinoisTeacher Educator
Gregory, RaymondIndiana, Federal BoardTeacher Educator, Federal Specialist
Schopmeyer, CliffordIndiana, USDAExtension Specialist
Smith Z MIndiana4-H Leader, State Supervisor
Bender WilburIowaTeacher Educator
Benson. OscarIowa, Federal Government4-H & Boy Scout Leader
Kildee H HIowaDairy Specialist
Knapp, SeamanIowaFather of Extension
Lancelot W HIowaTeacher Educator
McClelland, JohnIowaTeacher Educator
Morgan BartonIowaTeacher Educator
Obye CharlesIowaEarly Ag Teacher
Quick JohnIowaNovelist
Sexauer TheodoreIowaTeacher Educator
Starrak J AIowaTeacher Educator
Wallace HenryIowaSecretary of Agriculture
Wallace, Henry AgardIowaVice President, Secretary of Agriculture
Wilson, JamesIowa, USDAAg Professor, Secretary of Agriculture
Brown HaleKansasTeacher Educator
Davidson A PKansasTeacher Educator
Williams CyrusKansasTeacher Educator
Hammonds CarsieKentuckyTeacher Educator
Woods RalphKentuckyState Supervisor

Jackson ShelbyLouisianaState Superintendent
Lee J GLouisianaState Supervisor
Hill, Herbert SMaineState Supervisor & Teacher Educator
Blackwell, JeffersonMarylandUniversity Leader
Cotterman, HaroldMarylandTeacher Educator
Allen CharlesMassachusettsFederal Vo Ed Official
Eliot, CharlesMassachusettsHarvard President
Glavin, JohnMassachusettsState Supervisor
Goodwin, WilliamMassachusetts, Federal GovernmentIndian Education Leader
Hanus, PaulMassachusettsEducation Professor
Hart, WilliamMassachusettsTeacher Educator
Heald, FranklinMassachusettsTeacher Educator
Merrill, ElmerMassachusettsArboretum Director
Munson WillardMassachusettsExtension Director
Orr, WilliamMassachusettsYMCA Director
Sears, FredMassachusettsFruit Specialist
Small, RobertMassachusettsState Voc Ed Director
Snedden, DavidMassachusettsSociologist
Stimson, RufusMassachusettsState Supervisor
Ware, CharlotteMassachusettsDairy School Owner
Wells, WinthropMassachusettsTeacher Educator
Butterfield, KenyonMichiganAg College Dean
Byrum, HaroldMichiganTeacher Educator
Cook, GlenMichiganTeacher Educator
Crosby, DickMichigan, USDAPre-Smith-Hughes Ag Ed Leader
Deyoe, GeorgeMichiganTeacher Educator
Field, A MMinnesotaTeacher Educator
Lathrop, FrankMinnesota, Federal BoardTeacher Educator, Federal Agent
Martin, Verey G.MississippiTeacher Educator
Perrin, JohnMissouriState Supervisor
Wright, J. C.MissouriSchool Director, Federal Voc. Ed. Agent
Palmer, RonaldMontanaTeacher Educator
Bradford, HarryNebraskaTeacher Educator
Legge, AlexanderNebraskaPresident, International Harvester
Pearson, JamesNebraska, Federal BoardState Supervisor, Federal Agent
Bridges, StylesNew HampshireAg Teacher, Senator
Howard, CarlNew MexicoTeacher Educator, State Supervisor
Wemberly, FrankNew MexicoState Supervisor
Bailey, Liberty HydeNew YorkCollege Dean
Baker, HughNew YorkForestry Professor
Dewey, JohnNew YorkEducational Philosopher
Eaton, TheodoreNew YorkRural Educator
Getman, ArthurNew YorkState Supervisor
Graves, FrankNew YorkUniversity President
Hawkins, LaytonNew York, Federal GovernmentState Supervisor, Federal Official
Hoskins, EdwardNew YorkRural Educator
Howe, FrankNew YorkAgricultural Education Specialist
Ladd, CarlNew YorkCollege Dean
Mann, AlbertNew YorkRural Sociologist
Weaver, JackNew YorkState Supervisor
Works, GeorgeNew YorkRural Educator
Browne, ThomasNorth CarolinaState Supervisor
Cook, LeonNorth CarolinaTeacher Educator
Joyner, JamesNorth CarolinaState Superintendent
Poe, ClarenceNorth CarolinaProgressive Farmer Founder
Thomas, RoyNorth CarolinaState Supervisor
Bricker, GarlandOhioRural Educator
Charters, W WOhioEducation Dean
Fife, RayOhioTeacher Educator
Graham-A-BOhioFounder of 4-H
McCclarren, HowardOhioState Supervisor
Stewart, W FOhioTeacher Educator
McIntosh, DanielOklahomaTeacher Educator
Gibson, HeberOregonTeacher Educator
Griffin, FrederickOregonTeacher Educator
Morgan, RalphOregonState Supervisor
Anderson, ClarencePennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Broyles, WilliamPennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Brunner, HenryPennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Dennis, L. H.PennsylvaniaState Director, AVA Executive Director
Dickerson, RussellPennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Fetterolf, HowardPennsylvaniaState Supervisor
Hall. WilliamPennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Huslander, StewartPennsylvania, Federal BoardSupervisor, Federal Agent
Martin, VernorPennsylvaniaAssistant State Supervisor
Parkinson, HarryPennsylvaniaTeacher Educator
Watts, RalphPennsylvaniaCollege Dean
Williams, ArthurPennsylvania, USDAFederal Ag Ed Agent
Austin, EverettRhode IslandTeacher Educator
Crandall, WillSouth CarolinaTeacher Educator
Naugher, R ESouth CarolinaTeacher & Supervisor, Federal Ag Ed Official
Peterson, VerdSouth CarolinaState Supervisor, Teacher Educator
Beard, WardSouth DakotaState Supervisor, Federal Ag Ed Official
Wiseman, ClintonSouth DakotaTeacher Educator
Fitzgerald, NugentTennesseeTeacher Educator
Davis, CharlesTexasState Supervisor
Elam, WilliamTexas, Federal BoardTeacher, Federal Agent
Hayes, MartinTexasTeacher Educator
Rutland, JesseTexasState Supervisor
Wilson, SamuelTexasTeacher Educator
Prosser, CharlesUSADirector, Federal Board for Voc. Ed.
Shinn, ErwinUSDA4-H Leader, Curriculum Specialist
True, AlfredUSDANational Leader, Ag & Extension Education
Armstrong, SamuelVirginiaHampton Institute Founder
Frissell, HollisVirginiaHampton Institute President
Lancaster, DabneyVirginiaState Superintendent
McCormick, CyrusVirginiaInvented the Reaper
Owens, G. W.VirginiaNFA Founder
Webb, EverettWashingtonTeacher Educator & State Supervisor
Olney, RoyWest VirginiaTeacher Educator
Parsons, DicksonWest VirginiaTeacher Educator
Babcock, StephenWisconsinInvented Milk Tester
Hatch, KirkWisconsinExtension Leader
James, JohnWisconsinTeacher Educator
Selvig, ConradWisconsinTwo Year College Director
Hitchcock, SamuelWyomingState Supervisor
Ruch, JackWyomingState Supervisor