Documents of historical importance such as white papers, strategic plans, federal legislation, etc. can be found here.

Historical Documents

Morrill Act of 1862Created land-grant colleges
Hatch Act of 1887Established Agricultural Experiment Stations but also called for the dissemination of agricultural information. This act was the impetus for early agricultural education actions. Read Gary Moore's article about the significance of this act under the articles/presentation tab.
Morrill Act of 1890It is commonly believed the primary purpose of this act was to create Black Land-Grant Colleges and it did. However, this was the compromise reached to increase funding for all land-grant colleges. There are several other provisions of this act in addition to creating the Black Land-Grant Colleges.
Smith-Lever Act of 1914Created a national extension system. Land-grant colleges disseminated research based information to farmers and homemakers through a system of extension agents.
Smith-Hughes Act of 1917Provided federal funding to support the teaching of agriculture in high schools. See the Smith-Hughes web site for more information.